MagStor TRB-2HL7 Dual LTO7 LTFS Tape Drives with ThunderPro2™ Interface (connect to any MAC computer with a Thunderbolt 2 port)



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MagStor TRB-2HL7 Dual LTO7 LTFS Tape Drives with ThunderPro2™ Interface.

Connect to any MAC computer with a Thunderbolt 2 port!


MagStor TRB-2HL7 is a desktop tape-based data storage device utilizing two LTO7 tape drives used for data backups and archives using industry standard backup software.

MagStor is also compatible for use with the Linear Tape File System (LTFS). LTFS works in conjunction with the LTO drives and media technology to make MagStor’s tape drives look like storage devices to the underlying operating system. Once configured, files can simply be copied to and from the LTO tapes just like using a disk drive or USB flash drive.

LTO7 media cartridges hold 6TB of data and have a read/write performance up to 300 MB/sec (uncompressed).

LTFS is an open-standard which means that data stored on LTFS formatted media cartridges can be accessed and used by any tape drive that is LTFS compatible.

MagStor TRB-2HL7 with ThunderPro2™ interface connects to any MAC with a Thunderbolt 2 port using a standard thunderbolt cable. MagStor’s two front-facing ThunderPro2™ ports allows for loop-through to connect other Thunderbolt 2 devices, such as disk-based storage arrays.

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Technical Specifications


  • Two ThunderPro2™ front-facing 20 Gb/s interface ports allowing connection to any MAC computer with thunderbolt 2 ports

Tape Drive:

  • Two LTO-7 (HP brand) tape drives with up to 300 MB/sec native transfer rate, each drive

Data Cartridge:

  • Read/Write LTO7 data cartridge; 6 TB native storage capacity
  • Read/Write LTO6 data cartridge; 2.5 TB native storage capacity
  • Read-only LTO5 data cartridge; 1.5 TB native storage capacity

Power Supply:

  • 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz Auto-sensing

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 13″ L x 7″ H x 7″ W (33 x 17.8 x 17.8 cm)
  • 17 lbs (7.71 kg)

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

  • 24” x 14” x 10” (61 x 35.6 x 25.4 cm)
  • 23.5 lbs (10.65 kg)

Software Compatibility:

  • Most industry standard data backup software
  • HP LTFS standalone device drivers for MAC OS
  • Third-Party LTFS-enhanced archive/backup software

MagStor SAS-2HL7 includes:

  • One MagStor desktop enclosure with two LTO7 tape drives with two ThunderPro2 front-facing interface ports
  • One 2-meter Apple branded thunderbolt cable
  • Two LTO7 6TB data cartridge
  • One power cable for geographic region: Americas NEMA 5-15P to C13 3-prong 6-ft; Europe: 1x CEE 7/7 to C13 6-ft & 1x BS1363 to C13; Pac-Asia: AS 3112 to C13 6-ft.
  • HP LTFS standalone software for Mac (Currently not compatible with MAC Sierra)
  • Registration Card & Warranty Card
  • Three-year warranty

MAC™ is a trademark of Apple Computer™

MagStor® is a registered trademark of Magnext LTD