IBM 3850-H8S TS2280 LTO8 HH SAS External Tape Drive LTO-8

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IBM 3850-H8S TS2280 LTO8 HH SAS External Tape Drive LTO8

IBM TS2280 Tape Drive (machine type 3580 model H8S) is an external, stand-alone or rack mountable unit designed to offer high capacity and performance for the midrange systems environment. The TS2280 incorporates the IBM Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 8 Half-High SAS Tape Drive and is designed to support LTO Generation 8 media specification native data rate performance of up to 300 MBps, and up to 750 MBps with 2.5 to 1 compression. The TS2280 tape drive supports the LTO Generation 8 specifications for LTO tape drive technology, and LTO Generation 8 media to a compressed capacity of up to 30 TB with 2.5 to 1 compression (up to 12 TB native capacity) compared to previous LTO 7 compressed capacity of up to 15 TB with 2.5 to 1 compression (up to 6.0 TB native capacity) per tape cartridge. The TS2280 can read and write to Ultrium 8 and Ultrium 7 cartridges. The Ultrium 8 tape drive is encryption-capable and designed to support application-managed encryption.

The TS2280 tape drive uses a 6 Gbps dual-port SAS interface for connection to a wide spectrum of system servers, including select IBM Power Systems models, IBM Pureflex systems, and IBM BladeCenters. The TS2280 also supports Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems.

The following IBM TS2280 Half-High LTO Ultrium 8 tape drive enhancements are designed to help improve performance, capacity, and reliability:

Native LTO Generation 8 media specification data transfer rate of up to 300 MBps and up to 750 MBps with 2.5 to 1 compression
LTO Generation 8 media specification tape cartridge native capacity support of 12 TB and compressed capacity of up to 30 TB with 2.5 to 1 compression
6 Gbps SAS attachment support
1 GB internal buffer
Application-managed encryption support for half-high LTO Generation 8 SAS tape drive
16 KB cartridge memory with Ultrium 8 media
Half-high drive form factor
Two SAS ports per drive for improved availability and attachability
IBM LTFS partitioning support
The enclosure width enables two TS2280 storage units to be mounted side by side in a 19-inch IBM server rack mount shelf kit, requiring 2U of rack space.

The TS2280 tape drive provides an excellent migration path from digital linear tape (DLT or SDLT), 1/4 in (QIC), 4 mm (DAT), 8 mm, or older LTO generation tape drives.

Other media forms like disk have never really replaced tape in most data centers. Instead, tape has continued to be number one for storage archiving, and with the continued improvements in tape technology, tape is taking a more prominent role in a data center for both backup and archive. LTO tape is high in capacity and performance, very reliable, and still the lowest priced save/restore solution on the market today.

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